Ethical Salesmanship
is all about

If you’re in the business of attracting people to you, your products and services, or just your way of thinking - you’re in sales.

Doing it well means inspiring & serving lots and lots of the right kinds of people - all while maintaining the highest levels of integrity and authenticity.

But Sales Also Has a

The shadow side is flaring up anytime:

•  Instead of attracting & inspiring people, you're trying to force, manipulate or deceive them
•  You hit a big slump or start resisting your marketing activities - follow-up emails and calls, prospecting, publishing content, etc.
•  You lose your belief that you’re worthy - "Why would anyone hire me? Who am I to be trying to do this? Ugh, I just can't do this!
•  Your desire for money becomes your greatest motivator
•  Rather than feeling empowered and confident, you're in victim, lack or fear consciousness. 

Any of these flare-ups are a sign of

Every Sales Wound™ also has
a Master Path

By understanding your Sales Wounds™ and learning to recognize when they’re flaring up, you’re able to come back to center. To walk the Master Path.

Here, the anxiety recedes, confusion and indecisiveness melts away, and you’re suddenly moving forward again with confident clarity towards the achievement of your goals and dreams.

"From Wounded to Warrior - Healing What Stops You"

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Learn More About Sales Wounds™

Hi, I'm Julia Kline. I'm glad you're here.

I think I really get you, on an emotional level.

It’s safe for you to be vulnerable with me. In fact I will make it safe for you to venture into the places of your heart and mind that feel too scary to venture by yourself ...

... and yet those are the places that are really stopping you. These fears and self-doubts are what’s been getting in the way of your power.

But it’s ok, because together we’ll find the way for you to grow beyond it and re-discover your authentic power.

Ways I Can Help You
Janice Means

The month after working with Julia to heal my Sales Wounds™ was the best month the business has had in 2 years!! When she showed me what I had been doing wrong (because of my fear - ahem, I mean Sales Wound!), it was so easy to fix.

Janice Means, EmbroidMe Crystal Lake

The most potent way to work with me is one on one.

If you're a business owner or other leader who feels stuck in some area of your business or life, I can help you.

What I am best at doing for my clients is uncovering the real cause of any obstacle. I do this by asking questions that go deeper and deeper, until we get to the very heart of any matter - while simultaneously maintaining a judgment-free zone (my own of course, but more importantly, YOURS!)

This process all by itself is remarkably beneficial, because it brings clarity. Blessed clarity.

Vania Clark Butler

As valuable as our business-building sessions were, I found the healing & blockage removal sessions to be even more so.”

I knew you were a sales & marketing expert; but what I additionally value is the spiritual side of what you do. I have found the healing sessions and blockage clearing to be as valuable as the business building work that we’ve done. I’m amazed by the vastness of what you bring to the table. There wasn’t one issue, doubt or problem you weren’t able to help me with. I know I'll be continuing to work with you, even though my 6 month program has ended.

Vania Clark Butler

I speak to groups of all sizes.

I wrote the Amazon bestseller,
Sleaze-Free Selling

"The Entrepreneur's Guide to Sleaze-Free Selling" introduces Julia Kline's 3-step Sleaze-Free Sales formula.

This formula is a step-by-step blueprint to develop an effective, yet heart-centered, sales and marketing strategy for small business.

By reading this book, readers make a profound shift in the way they approach their customers. And by so shifting, begin to sell a lot more of products and services.

Umoh Luna

I booked a $1200 client the day after my Sales Wounds™ Deep Dive with Julia.

Before working with Julia I did a ton of training on sales but was still really struggling with it and asking for the sale. I know am extremely good at what I do but I used to be really stuck around selling it. The issues we touched on were ones I'd been aware of before; but nothing before actually CLEARED the problem.

I realized it wasn't about me not knowing how to sell, it was about me not selling because of some deep internal blocks were I didn't feel safe doing it. In just one hour with Julia I had a profound shift.

Umoh Luna