Even as a kid in grammar school, I had a talent for stringing words together on the page. I've always relied upon the written word as a tool for the things that matter most to me: communicating ideas, expressing my deepest feelings and strengthening relationships.

As a professional out in the world, writing is still my most cherished tool, and the goals I seek to accomplish with it are the same as they've always been - ideas, feelings and relationships.

I self-published my Amazon best-seller, The Entrepreneur's Guide to Sleaze-Free Selling, in 2013.

I'm currently doing research for my next book, which seeks to examine the #MeToo era through a Transformative Justice lens. It should be out by early 2020.

I've also written numerous White Papers, and publish frequent opinion essays about the events of the day.

  • Philosopher

    I call myself a philosopher not because I’ve studied Plato and Kirkegaard (who, as powerful white men, have little to say about the things that matter most to me anyway) but because I spend long stretches of time absorbed by my own intellectual process. I watch and listen to the people in the world around me, and then ponder what it all means.

    I mostly contemplate the forces that motivate people to do what we do, specifically, money, sex and the media. These are the most powerful forces in our world (excluding physical forces like mother nature and weaponry), and I’m endlessly fascinated by how people attempt to use and abuse them to get what they want.

    • How can people and institutions harness authentic power, allowing them to achieve their aims but without trampling on others in the process?
    • Once abuses of power have been committed, what should happen next? And who gets to decide?
    • Is it possible eradicate abusive behavior without inflicting abuse on the abuser?

    These are the questions I seek to answer and share with others through my writing, coaching and teaching.

  • Business Coach

    I spent the first 15-20 years of my professional life engaged in salesmanship of one sort or another. And of course all human relationships boil down to sales – or at least, they’re an exercise in trying to get other people to do what you want them to do.

    In sales and other professional settings, I generally succeeded at persuading people to do what I wanted them to do. While in my relationships, not so much. In that arena, I found exerting influence in my favor to be far more elusive.

    Then a handful of years back, I realized I’d developed some theories about WHY I was successful at using my power to get what I wanted in some settings, but not in others. I figured this information would be useful to others, so I set my cap towards becoming a coach. Turns out people DID think my approach was useful, and I’ve been coaching more or less ever since.

  • Teacher

    Although “teacher” doesn’t make it into my tagline, it’s an important part of who I am. For one thing, I spent the first 7 years of my career as a 7th and 8th grade teacher in the Chicago Public Schools – and it’s easily the best thing I’ve ever done.

    In addition, the skills that made me a great schoolteacher – both those I learned and those that came innately to me – show up all over the place in the work I do now with adults. Speaking on panels, conducting workshops, and of course the online training programs I offer all require me to use those teaching skills.

  • How I Can Help You

    If you are:

    a small business owner or other leader who feels stuck in some area of your life or business, I can very quickly help you identify the exact nature of your true obstacle … and then design a plan to help get you past it.
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    •  an HR Manager in need of a moderator for a discussion or workshop about personal empowerment, authentic salesmanship or honest workplace communication, I can create that safe space for you and your team.
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