Heal Your Sales Wounds™, The Podcast -Season One

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Trailer: What are Sales Wounds™ and how do I begin to heal mine?

Sales Wounds™ are a set of 6 self-limiting beliefs that take us off our path of being fully and authentically our selves.  Each wound has a different set of symptoms, or a characteristic pattern of how it shows up in our business or in our life.

When we heal our Sales Wounds™ – when we begin to walk the Master Path – we are not just making sales and attracting people to us in ways that feels great for both us and them, we’re also living our highest expression of who we’re really meant to be.

This podcast is essentially going to be a training workshop. Over the next couple dozen or so episodes I’m going to teach you everything I know about Sales Wounds™, how to recognize them in yourself and also how to begin to heal them.

My hope is that it will be a guided journey of self-discovery that will prove extremely fruitful for you. 

Sales Wound #1: The Money Wound™

The core self-limiting belief of the Money Wound™ is, “I want money – or the things money can buy – but I’m also pretty scared of it. So I’m just not going to think about money, or deal with it in any way.” 

If you suffer from this Wound, you fear money itself – either having it, or not having it.  Or at least, you fear the power that this super powerful force we call money has over you and over other people. 

This Wound can show up in at least the 3 following ways, any one of which indicates you have work to do around your Money Wound™.

  1. Poor money management skills.
  2. Beliefs that money is “bad.
  3. Anxiety about not enough money.

The Master Path for the Money Wound™ is to recognize that no matter how much money you have (or don’t have), or how big your bills are, it is possible to feel a peaceful serenity that there is always enough money, that you have all the wisdom and skills it takes to master your money, and that you CAN be a good, loving person while also living a financially abundant life.

Sales Wound #2: The Love & Money Wound™

The core self-limiting belief of this Wound is, “Love & money are wrapped up together in many of my most intimate relationships, both present and past. So money is never just about money, and love is never just about love. To get one, especially in abundance, I must go without some aspect of the other.”

If you suffer from this wound, you fear that you can’t have both money and love, freely and in abundance. Put another way, you fear that you can never have both FINANCIAL support, safety and security as well as EMOTIONAL support, safety and security.

The Love & Money Wound™ is the basis for our whole frame of how we see the world, and how we exist within it. For this reason, it’s incredibly difficult to heal from The Love & Money Wound™ In fact, the only time people get shaken off the Student Path and onto the Master Path of the Love & Money Wound™ is in the wake of a big, painful change in one or more of your most intimate relationships – the ones where love & money are intertwined.

Successfully healing your Love & Money Wound™ and being on the Master Path means that you get to walk through the world always feeling fully supported both materially and emotionally, regardless of the practical reality that might be showing up in your life.

Sales Wounds 3 & 4: The Selling Wound™ and The Anti-Selling Wound™

The Selling Wound™ is about the urge to force yourself on your customers, whereas the Anti-Selling Wound™ is about the utter refusal to do anything of the kind. 

The cause of both wounds is the culture of forceful salesmanship that exists here in the United States. Everything about our consumer culture teaches us that the way to sell stuff effectively is to relentlessly badger and hound and even assault your prospective customers into buying. 

If you respond to this approach by embracing it and trying your best to implement it, then you suffer from the Selling Wound™. If on the other hand you respond to this approach by resisting it and refusing to have anything to do with it, then you suffer from the Anti-Selling Wound™.

When you’re on the Master Path of either of these two Wounds you recognize the essential and irrefutable value of both yourself, or what you’re selling, and your customer.

Sales Wound #5: The Prostitution Wound™

The core self-limiting belief of the Prostitution Wound™ is, “I love what I do for a living, and I know that my products and services provide real benefits to people. But my industry is so fundamentally flawed, the only way for me to get hired or get paid or be successful is to sell myself out in gross, demeaning, despicable ways.” 

This Wound is unique in that it isn’t driven by fear. If you’re suffering from The Prostitution Wound™, any fears you might have felt about not succeeding or not being good enough – and which would have manifested as a Money Wound™ or an Anti-Selling Wound™ – have morphed into a bitter, determined resentment. You’ve adopted a clear-eyed practicality about what you think you want to accomplish, and what you think you have to do in order to get there. 

The primary symptom of the Prostitution Wound™ is that the sales activities you’re engaging in leave you feeling like you need to go take a shower. 

The main difference between that and the Anti-Selling Wound™ – in which you also feel a strong distaste towards selling stuff – is that with the Anti-Selling Wound™, you avoid doing the things that feel disgusting to you. Whereas with the Prostitution Wound™, regardless of how gross they make you feel, you’re doing them. 

Similarly, there is an important distinction between the Prostitution Wound™ and the Selling Wound™, which is that with the Selling Wound™ you feel as though you have a choice. You’re acting with some degree of personal power. Whereas with the Prostitution Wound™, you feel trapped in some kind of way. Either you don’t have any choice at all, or the only choices available to you are all extremely distasteful. 

Sales Wound #6: The Visibility Wound™

The core self-limiting belief of the Visibility Wound™ is, “If I succeed, people will SEE me, perhaps for the first time. And I’m obviously not ready for that.”

The fear that drives this wound is a deep, generalized anxiety of not being good enough – and all the horrible, ego-destroying consequences that you’re afraid would result if you put yourself out there anyway. 

If you’re suffering from a Visibility Wound™, you know it. It doesn’t afflict everyone. 

What are some of the ways we hide: 

  • Work as an assistant, behind a computer, instead of the front woman 
  • Suffer from depression, cut ourselves off from people who love us 
  • Gain weight or let ourselves go physically in other ways 
  • Stay in the house, rather than go out; stay in town, rather than traveling to events and conferences 
  • Create and create and create – and yet never publish or produce or release what we’ve created 
  • Become a cheerleader for someone else, or join a group and tel yourself that the whole group can become prominent, as one cohesive unit 

The Master Path of this Wound is quite simple: “If I succeed, people will SEE me, perhaps for the first time. And I obviously AM ready for that.”