_Sales Wound #1: The Money Wound™

Overview of The Money Wound™

The core self-limiting belief of the Money Wound™ is, “I want money – or the things money can buy – but I’m also pretty scared of it. So I’m either going to ignore money & pretend it doesn't matter, or I'm going to allow it to rule my life.”

What drives this Wound is a fear of money itself ... as well as the power it has over us. It can also show up as a gripping fear of not having "enough" money.

This fear can manifest in both directions:

  • Some people fear not having enough money, and are driven to do terrible things in pursuit of it.
  • Others fear having TOO MUCH money - which is really the fear of any unintended consequences that could result from having lots of money.

Whichever version of the Money Wound™ you're driven by, there is help for you in the tools and resources on this page.

_Heal The Money Wound™

The "Clear Your Money Blockages"
Money Activation Toolkit

Handle Your Money & Get Out of Survival Mode

We are all – each and every one of us – surrounded by wealth and abundance. This is, after all, an abundant and loving Universe. Everything you want is right there waiting for you …

So I ask you, What wealth & abundance is the Universe desperately trying to give you, that you’re just throwing away?

What blessings of love, wealth, happiness and pleasure are you simply pushing aside, ignoring, disbelieving??

If you don’t know the answers to those questions – or worse, if you don’t believe the Universe has any blessings in store for you at all! – you will discover them with my “Clear Your Money Blockages” Energy Activation Toolkit.

The Money Wound™ Deep Dive

CLEAR Your Blockages, with this
Energetic Healing Process

This healing deep-dive is POWERFUL. The best way to describe it is to listen to people who have done one. 

In Michelle Donat's healing Deep Dive, we began with a discussion of the Anti-Selling Wound™. But we soon got around to identifying that for Michelle, her Money Wound™ is what was causing most of the problems in her business.

And, we healed it! Later in the day she made a totally unexpected $400 sale.

Michelle Donat

The Deep Dive Julia and I did to heal my Money Wound™ was an amazing experience that went to a totally unexpected place. Plus I made a $400 sale, totally out of the blue, as a result!

Michelle Donat, Relaxation Plantation

_Learn More About The Money Wound™

Vania Clark Butler

As valuable as our business-building sessions were, I found the healing & blockage removal sessions to be even more so.”

I knew you were a sales & marketing expert; but what I additionally value is the spiritual side of what you do. I have found the healing sessions and blockage clearing to be as valuable as the business building work that we’ve done. I’m amazed by the vastness of what you bring to the table. There wasn’t one issue, doubt or problem you weren’t able to help me with. I know I'll be continuing to work with you, even though my 6 month program has ended.

Vania Clark Butler
Umoh Luna

I booked a $1200 client the day after my Sales Wounds™ Deep Dive with Julia.

Before working with Julia I did a ton of training on sales but was still really struggling with it and asking for the sale. I know am extremely good at what I do but I used to be really stuck around selling it. The issues we touched on were ones I'd been aware of before; but nothing before actually CLEARED the problem.

I realized it wasn't about me not knowing how to sell, it was about me not selling because of some deep internal blocks were I didn't feel safe doing it. In just one hour with Julia I had a profound shift.

Umoh Luna