1-Month Blockage Removal Intensive


The most common business problems I see entrepreneurs facing are:


  • •  You aren’t making enough money – or maybe just not as much as you want!
  • •  You’re working too hard for the money you are earning


  • •  You aren’t that great at converting leads into customers – so you waste a lot of opportunities to generate revenue
  • •  You aren’t bringing in enough new customers, or not the right kind of customers
  • •  When you’ve tried new marketing ideas in the past, it hasn’t worked out as well as you’d hoped, and that leaves you feeling discouraged and disappointed


  • •  You’re overwhelmed and stressed out by everything that’s on your plate
  • •  You want to delegate more, but somehow you always end up doing way too much stuff yourself
  • •  You want to attract new clients so you can earn more money & grow your business, but you don’t really know how
  • •  Maybe you know what to do, but somehow you can’t ever get yourself to do it

Mindset, Passion & Joy

  • •  Sometimes you feel excited, confident and fulfilled with your business – but there are also days when you experience anxiety, overwhelm or self-doubt
  • •  You’ve tried hiring people to fix these problems – maybe you’ve even worked with other coaches or marketing strategists in the past who didn’t really solve your problem – so you’re nervous about spending a bunch of money again if it isn’t really going to work this time.

Do any of these sound like you?

If so, then you’re like many other entrepreneurs who seek out my assistance. I’ve helped them, and I can help you too!

My introductory coaching package is the Blockage Removal Intensive. While a month might not seem like a lot of time, I’m gifted at finding the heart of your issue, and finding it fast.

This enables us to root out your blockage and get you seeing impressive results in such a  short period of time. 


This intensive includes 4 weekly, 1-hour coaching sessions (can be spread out to biweekly). You will receive a recording of each session.

“Julia has been a fantastic coach. All her coaching has been concise, practical information I’ve been able to implement to my marketing.” ~ Lee Werner

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