‘Clear Your Money Blockages’ Energy Activation Toolkit

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This unique healing process addresses blockages created by either a Money Wound™ or a Love & Money Wound™

The results simply speak for themselves: 

“8 days after the seminar, I found out I’m the beneficiary of a $45,000 account – one I never knew existed!” ~Therese Marzouk

“Just 10 days after the seminar, I brought in an unexpected $3,350 client!” ~ Leslee Serdar 

“I received $800 within 2 days of Julia’s workshop!” ~Karen Adler 

“Found a check in an old stack of mail that was for a $701 escrow overage.” ~Jessica Thurman 

“A couple weeks ago I took the money manifestation workshop and have been doing the daily mantras. Yesterday I got a $500 Home Depot gift card in the mail.” ~Leslie Barrick 

“After doing my daily assignments I’m now selling double the number of gift certificates I ordinarily would.” ~ Michelle Donat 

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This life-changing Energy Activation Toolkit is on sale for 50% off for just the month of April. 


Your Toolkit Includes:

  • A video of the live Workshop – approximately 3 hours long
  • A mini journal to use as you follow along with the video
  • An Action Plan that outlines the 15 min/day of exercises you need to complete every day after you watch the video
  • The Budget Template that I refer to throughout the video – and which I personally use every day – to track Income and Expenses

It Sounds Amazing, but It Really Works!

Dozens of people have gone through my Clear Your Money Blockages experience.

  • Slightly more than half of them have manifested $100’s within a week or two after the workshop.
  • Several people have manifested $1,000’s.
  • Three people have manifested $10,000 or more!!
  • View the detailed testimonials here

But almost half have seen no real results at all.

What’s the difference?

The people who have gotten results have done the work.

The work isn’t hard – a few minutes a day. But it’s essential that you do it, if you expect results.

What You’ll Experience from this
Powerful, Energy-Shifting Set of Tools

Practical strategies for new-paradigm Money Management

When it comes to managing your money, are you just winging it? Glad when it comes in, sad when it’s gone … and never quite sure what happened in the middle?

The strategies I’ll teach you during the 3-hour video will leave you feeling in charge of your money, and deeply empowered to create the money story you want!

Receive the Transmission

You may have the best of intentions for creating a new money story … but changing lifelong habits and beliefs is tough. And if you don’t change, your money story won’t either.

The energy transmission you’ll receive during the final 20 minutes of the video will deeply heal and empower you.

Shift Your Mindset & Become an Intentional Creator

All that’s REALLY required for wealth to flow into your life is for you to open your mind, your Soul and everything in between to the possibility of abundance.

The strategies and energetic shift that you’ll receive from the video + the follow-up Action Plan will raise your vibration, making abundance possible for you in a way it never has been before.

Can “energy” really be transmitted through a video?


In the almost 2 years I’ve been conducting this Workshop and selling the video recording of it, there’s been no difference in results for for live vs. online attendance.

In fact Therese – the woman who manifested $45,000 8 days after the Workshop – was an online attendee.

Therese also embraced the Action Plan with gusto. Only one other person did her daily assignments as enthusiastically as Therese – and that was Leslee Serdar, who manifested a $3,350 client in about a week and a half!

Money-Back Guarantee:

If you do the work* and yet don’t manifest at least as much as you paid for it within a month, I will refund your full purchase price.

* There are daily, 15-minute exercises described in the workshop. You have to do them daily for 30 days, including a set of pre-work on the first day, to be eligible for the refund.

2 reviews for ‘Clear Your Money Blockages’ Energy Activation Toolkit

  1. Christel Arcucci

    Julia’s ability to hold and move energy was unlike anything I have ever felt before and I have been a professional healing artist for almost 30 years. Julia is a bridge builder and activator for heart centered entrepreneurs to truly receive money as a means of experiencing ecstasy in everyday life for our heart-work. Thank you Julia.

  2. Therese Marzouk

    In addition to being motivating and emotionally uplifting, Julia has a true gift in energy activation. Just 8 days after I attended the seminar, I found out was the beneficiary of a $45,000 account – one I never knew existed! I continue to use what I learned from Julia and my financial success has been steadily increasing. I highly recommend you make this small investment in your financial future!

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