The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Sleaze-Free Selling


The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Sleaze-Free Selling” introduces Julia Kline’s 3-step Sleaze-Free Sales formula. This formula is a step-by-step blueprint to develop an effective, yet heart-centered, sales and marketing strategy for small business.

By reading this book, readers make a profound shift in the way they approach their customers. And by so shifting, begin to sell a lot more of products and services.


“This is a book written for the conscious entrepreneur who cares equal amounts for her customers as well as her own sense of congruency in how she approaches business. (And yes, wants to make money while doing so.)”  ~ Kim-787, Amazon reviewer 

“The Action Plans at the end of every chapter are terrific – practical, hands-on exercises.”  ~ Christina Morassi 

“I especially liked the chapter on avoiding customers that bring out the sleaze in you.” ~ Kindle Customer 

“The basic steps and simple instructions are a must for anyone trying to better their sales!” ~ Victoria Fredman

“After reading it and applying the lessons provided, I realized I was putting up my own obstacles. This book gave practical advice on how to naturally and authentically introduce products and services for better results.”  ~ Tania Mulry


When you purchase this product you receive a paperback copy of the book, signed by the author, as well as links to the audio version, read by the author. 

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