The Complete Julia Kline Library


This content bundle offers a staggering amount of content. I’m giving you every one of my best programs and courses from the over 10 years I’ve spent training and coaching entrepreneurs. 

Note: these programs are all completely do it yourself. They don’t offer any of the personalized support you get when you buy them individually (and for higher prices). But if all you need is the information and inspiration – this is the jackpot! 

In addition to the packaged online content you also get: 

  • a weekly email from me, highlighting a different one of the included courses and explaining its benefits in more detail. 
  • priority response time when you make a comment on my public Facebook page


This collection includes every one of my signature programs:

“Transform Your Business (and Your Life!) From the Outside In” – My sales & marketing course. Everything you need to know about building a successful sales and marketing system for your business, wrapped in a blanket of shamanic meditations and magical intentions. Approximately 10 hours of audio, together with worksheets, case studies, sample marketing copy … the works! – $497 value

“Don’t Get Stuck Again: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Getting Things Done, But Were Too Busy To Learn” – My signature productivity program, in which I make the case that your Resistance – that internal force that results in procrastination, stagnation, frustration – is actually your greatest gift. What’s needed is to lean into that Resistance. When you allow it to expand and be heard, it willingly shares with you the true nature of your obstacles. – $197 value

The “Clear Your Money Blockages” Toolkit – My signature prosperity program. This activation process is nothing short of magical. In the video, I introduce you to a set of daily habits – incantations, if you will – that bring you into better alignment with an abundant flow of money. Your work is to actually DO these incantations daily, after watching the video. But the magic comes from the transmission I offer at the end of the video, which you’ll experience as a meditation. It clears space within your system for a far more abundant flow of energy / money than you were previously allowing. – $197 value

The Million-Dollar Rolodex – my signature networking program. How to leverage relationships old and new for maximum value. Not just for you, but ALSO for the other person. – $197 value

The collection also includes all the other training programs and courses I’ve developed over the years:

The “Be The Expert” Training System – Do you want to be known as an expert in your field? There’s a science to presenting yourself to your clients as the expert, and this training system shows you every piece of it. – $1497 value

Pimp Your Newsletter – an email marketing mini-course that shows you how to get maximum value from your weekly written communication with your list – $47 value

Marketing Makes Money – my flagship program, from back when I was a social media coach. Full transparency, the technical aspects of this program are now obsolete, as social media platforms are all rapidly changing. However, the messaging fundamentals I teach in this course are timeless and priceless. Includes a 200-page text and 6 Strategy Guides – rigorous, individual workbooks to ensure you take action on what you’ve just learned. – $997 value


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