How I Help Clients

If you're a business owner or other leader who feels stuck in some area of your business or life, I can help you.

I make it safe for you to venture into the places in your heart and mind that have been too scary to go by yourself - and yet which are the very places that contain your greatest blockages.

With my help, you find the courage to face your fears and self-doubts, and re-discover your authentic power.

With your power restored in this way,
you become unstoppable!

From this newly empowered place, everything you've been hoping to accomplish suddenly feel within reach.

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Julia, you revealed to me a blind spot that's been hidden for so long - it's changed everything!

~ Jonathan Bautista

An Action Plan that Works

At the end of each coaching session, you'll have a clear idea of the specific action steps to take next.

If you take those actions - terrific! We assess your results and move forward with next steps.

But if you don't - also terrific! Now we have even better clues about where your resistance lies, and can get increasingly precise in how to break through that resistance.

The longer you work with me as a private client, the more areas of your business or life we are able to address and improve.

Additional results
past clients have achieved

  • a financial advisor learned how to authentically close high-net-worth clients, and grew her practice from just 4 clients to more than 20 clients
  • a software consultant increased her confidence and visibility - and landed a PLUM partnership with a huge international company that almost tripled her income
  • a health care IT consultant got clear on his exact target market and was able to take his business in an entirely new, more profitable direction
  • a brand new coach grew her business from almost nothing to more than 8 clients in just a few months. Listen to her story in the video below.

Terrific outcomes like these require hard work from you.
My most successful clients have worked with me
for 6 months or more.

To understand yourself and the barriers preventing you from accelerating your success, time spent with Julia is a worthy investment! 

Julia cracks open the heart, mind and soul of people but she does so in a non-judgmental fashion. This lady is highly skilled in what she does, I always though that the coaching stuff was for yahoo’s, I was wrong.

If you’d like insight into yourself as a person running a business and would like to understand the barriers that may be preventing you from accelerating your business and your interaction with customers, employees and others - you’ll find it a worthy investment spending time with Julia Kline. I’m sold.

Guy Fuller, Cybersavants

Results for your business -
and your life!

Even though I'm a business coach, almost everybody I've worked with in the last 5 years has also experienced significant positive transformation in their romantic relationship!

For example ...

  • One woman was on the verge of divorcing her husband when we started - and 8 months later, she was more in love with him than ever.
  • Another got her long-term boyfriend to commit, and is now happily married to him.
  • Another fell in love and moved in with a wonderful man, after having been single for almost a decade.

This happens because when you step more fully into your authentic personal power, every aspect of your life changes for the better.

Sometimes positive transformation requires endings.

One client decided to divorce her husband (at the age of 43 and after 15 happy, but childless, years of marriage) - and within a year was madly in love with someone new, engaged and PREGNANT with her first child.

In 2 years, no one "got us" - but you did! It's been the best marketing money we've spent.

Julia, my husband and I are so grateful for your strategic sales expertise and deep intuitive understanding. It was exactly what we needed to move forward into the most exciting growth phase of our business Brookhaven Fitness Studio and my life!!

We have been challenged for close to 2 years to find a way to "go to market" with our business one else "got it", but you did! and your direction is what's taking us into huge success. It is the best marketing $$ I have spent!

Rachel & Mauro Moncayo,
Brookhaven Fitness Studio

Could working with me be good for you too?

The first step is to schedule a
Sales Wounds™ Breakthrough Call!

What to
From the

  • The call is a private 45-minute phone call with me, personally.
  • I'll begin to understand what's really stopping you from living into whatever it is that you desire.
  • You'll get 1 or 2 actionable steps to start moving forward in a big way.
  • If it feels right, we'll discuss the coaching packages I offer. (my rates start at $2500)
  • There's absolutely no charge or obligation
  • You're in sales, and you're not as successful as you'd like to be
  • You're not in sales - but you DO need to attract more people to your business (clients, donors, key employees, speaking opportunities ...)
  • You're playing a smaller game than you want to be playing in the world
  • You've lost your passion & want to find it again
  • You want more people to know about what you do & what you have to say - and you're having a hard time making that happen

This Call
Is Right
For You If:

As valuable as our business-building sessions were, I found the mindset
& blockage removal sessions to be
even more so.

I knew you were a sales & marketing expert; but what I additionally value is the internal side of what you do. I have found the mindset sessions and blockage clearing to be as valuable as the business building work that we’ve done.

I’m amazed by the vastness of what you bring to the table. There wasn’t one issue, doubt or problem you weren’t able to help me with. I know I'll be continuing to work with you, even though my 6 month program has ended.

Vania Clark-Butler
Seriously Systemized

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