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Heal Your Sales Wounds

... and Overcome the Self-Limiting Beliefs That are Blocking Your Authentic Personal Power

Sales Wounds™ are the fears & self-limiting beliefs that we all hold deep down inside that prevent us from stepping fully into the expression of our authentic personal power. These Wounds have been inflicted on us by our parents, our culture and our own experiences both as consumers and as the ones doing the selling.

• In business and sales, this means we don't sell effectively - either because we're loathe to be pushy so we shy away from effective salesmanship and thus do both ourselves and our potential customers a disservice, or we go to the other extreme and use questionable if not outright fraudulent tactics to get people to buy stuff they don't want or need

• In professional relationships, this means we inaccurately assess the power dynamic - mostly by underestimating our own (potential) power - and end up behaving in ways that make us feel victimized by others, ashamed of ourselves or sometimes both

• In personal relationships, we get stuck in behavior patterns that don't truly serve us, because we're trying to meet old childhood needs and have failed to update our needs and desires based upon the reality of our adult circumstances.

The 6 primary Sales Wounds™ are:

  • The Money Wound™
  • The Love & Money Wound™
  • The Selling Wound™
  • The Anti-Selling Wound™
  • The Prostitution Wound™
  • The Visibility Wound™
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